Left and Right Cerebral Hemisphere - Learning Disabilites?
8 mo.
Left and Right Cerebral Hemisphere - Learning Disabilites?
Dear Helen

Our 8 months old daughter, Vigga, has for quite some time been able to go in a crawling position where she rocks back and forth. She moves forward really quickly but is not crawling in the real sense of the word, i.e. making cross-crawl movements.

Her motor skills have been developming according to her age just fine and she has also started to pull herself up to a standing postion when supported.

We have discussed one thing, though, whether it is correct that should a baby not learn to cross-crawl are in greater risk for learning disabilities later?

I take this opportunity to thank you for all your helpful replies you have sent us in the past, they have all been very useful and helped us through many a hard time!

Helen Hansen

Dear family

Crawling and cross-crawl pattern are extremely important, as the two cerebral hemispheres will work together which is very important for your daughter's further development and her learning capacity.

Some babies skip the crawling stage, however, it is important that you pay attention that your daughter will learn the cross-crawl pattern before starting in school, as it influences her ability to read and write, distinguish between different letters and numbers, e.g. b and d, p and q, 9 or 6 etc.

Stimulation of the balance helps strenghten babies' motor skills. It is important that you motivate her and train with her in order to stimulate her balance. Train jumping jack and other cross-pattern exercises with her.

I hope this is helpful and I wish you and your family the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen