Day Nursery versus Day-Care in Private Homes
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Day Nursery versus Day-Care in Private Homes
Hi Helen

Would you recommend to let premature baby twins start in a day-care in a private home instead of a day nursery, where we had our elder girl. We plan to let them start at approx. 11 months of age.

What is your recommendation? Would the twins get more attached to a child-minder in the day-care`?

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Hello again

Parents are sometimes recommended to let their premature babies start in the day-care instead of in the day nursery. However, as a general rule, I would recommend that you choose what serves you and your babies best.

When chosing day-care it has often to do with the fact that the babies are left in smaller groups, as a day-care in private homes usually has only 4 babies to take care of during the day. This means that there are less batercia and a reduced risk for being infected with diseases. Some premature babies also encounter problems when being with a larger group of people, as they need intimate, familiar and secure surroundings. Some premature babies tend to be more sensitive and may be easily overstimulated. They may face problems re sensory integration having difficulties in distinguish between all the impressions, resulting in difficulties with the concentration.

Taking your previous letters into consideration, I do not think that your twin girls will face any of the problems described above, should you choose to let them start in a day nursery. However, I suggest that you discuss the matter with the doctors at the neonatal unit at the hospital, re stimulation as well as immune response, before you make up your mind.

I hope this is helpful:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen