Bottle Feeding and going on a Trip
1 mo.
Bottle Feeding and going on a Trip
Hi Helen

My one month old son is breast fed as well as bottle fed. I would like to take him on longer trips by bus and train to visit my parents, and he will need a bottle feed while we are away from home.

I would appreciate to have your advice. How do I transport the pre-mixed formula, how do I keep the bottle warm, etc.?

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Helene

Congratulations on your baby boy :o)

The best and easiest solution is to buy pre-mixed formula on carton which has been heat-treated and is therefore sterile. It is recommended to place the carton under the baby's blanket or eiderdown in the carry cot. The formula will thus reach the baby's body temperature and is ready to serve.

Another possibility is to bring clean boiled water in a thermos flask in order to mix the formula and the water directly (i.e. boiled water and powder) just before the bottle feed. Bring boiled hot water in a thermos flask and cooled boiled water in another bottle and mix the content of the two in a third bottle to reach the required temperature.

Never mix the powder and the boiled water in advance, never heat the mixed formula in advance and transport it warm, as you may risk bacteria growth. Always mix the formula just before you need it. Discard the remaining milk, never pre-heat it.

The risk of developing an infection is higher for premature babies, babies with a low birth weight and babies with congenital immune deficiency.

I hope this is helpful and I wish you and your son the best of luck :o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen