How to Cover the Milk Intake
2 mo.
How to Cover the Milk Intake
Hi Helen

I cannot thank you enough for all the useful replies you have sent us ever since we had our baby daughter on the 2nd of August 2008. Now I need your advice re formula milk ...

Clara-Nova is fully bottle fed. For the first six weeks I also breastfed her. She eats approx. 170 ml at each feed and has 6-7 feeds a day.

For the past week, however, it seems that she does not get fully satisfied. She eats sometimes more than 170 ml, and it seems as if her stomach is full which makes her hungry shortly which again makes it difficult to fall asleep ...

I guess it is too early to offer her

Helen Hansen

Dear Kirsten

Congratulations on your baby girl :o)

It seems that you have a hungry little baby. According to her body weight the daily milk requirement is 950-1000 ml in 6 feeds, equivalent to 160-170 ml at each feed.

Bottle fed babies tend to over-eat, as it is rather easy to get the milk out of the bottle, and they are likely to have a larger milk intake than breast fed babies. I recommend that you offer her a pacifier upon the milk feed in order to satisfy her sucking need.

You may also try to offer her some gruel.

I hope this is helpful and I wish you and your daughter the best of luck :o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen