When Mummy is Attending a Course
6 mo.
When Mummy is Attending a Course
Hi Helen

In two weeks I am attending a four days course, and I will be away from home 09.00am-05.00pm. We have arranged for my mother to take care of Silas. He is usually breastfed at 08.00am and sleeps until 11-11.30am. At lunch 12.00pm he has solids followed by a breastfeed, and he has another breastfeed at 04.30pm. Dinner at 05.30 - potatoes and vegetables.

He does not want to drink from a bottle, but drinks from a glass. However, most of his milk intake is covered by breastfeeding.

My mother has tried to give him formula from a bottle, and he had approx. 30 ml, however, when I came home, he was ready for a breast feed ...

Is it alright for him not to have milk while I am away, in case we do not succeed in giving him from the bottle?

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Charlotte

Four days without milk is rather a long time for a baby at six months of age, and I would therefore recommend that your mother bottlefed him. I hope and trust that your mother will succeed, after all he did take 30 ml., in other words your son does not find difficulties in drinking from a bottle, technically speaking.

It is probably the taste of the formula that he does not like, and I suggest that you try some of the different products available on the market in order to see which one your son prefers.

Mother's milk has a sweeter taste than formula. Try to add 1 teaspoonful of sugar in 100 ml of formula.

Try also to let him drink from a cup, although his milk intake would be very limited this way. Try to express some of your own milk to see whether he accepts it when you are away.

Pay attention to the fact that you need to express milk in the period you are away from home, in order to maintain the milk production but also to prevent mastitis.

Good luck, and I hope you will enjoy the course:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen