How to Increase the Milk Supply
5 mo.
How to Increase the Milk Supply
Dear Helen

What is the best way to increase the milk supply? You have previosly indicated that I should breastfeed my son more frequently. Does it give the same effect should I offer him both breasts at each feed, or it is the number of breastfeeds that increase the milk production?

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Rikke

You can increase the milk production by breastfeeding more frequently, which means that you will produce more milk if you breastfeed every two hours instead of every four hours.

Breastfeeding from both breasts at each feed also has an effect on the milk supply, as both breasts will be stimulated more frequently. Should you only breastfeed from one breast every three hours, in reality the interval between the breastfeed from each breast would be six hours.

You will also increase the milk supply by stimulating both breasts at the same time, i.e. express milk using a breast pump or similar from one breast while the baby is breastfeeding from the other breast.

I hope this is helpful:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen