Baby Outerwear - and Sleeping Outside
4 mo.
Baby Outerwear - and Sleeping Outside
Hi Helen

Our four months old son has until now been sleeping outside in the pram wearing a snowsuit. As weather became warmer, I unzipped the suit in order for him not to become too warm.

Since it is now summer with temperatures up to 20C I have to come up with another solution. If I try to settle him with a blanket or an eiderdown only, he is not able to settle and fall asleep, as he moves arms and legs. I have also tried to settle him in a bunting bag with the result that he sleeps for only 45 minutes instead of the usual 3 hours. For the past week he has only been able to sleep 3-4 hours in the daytime and approx. 10 hours at night.

Can you recommend a settling routine for us?

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Christina

I do understand that you need to settle Victor where you swaddle him, and I suggest that you try to settle him on the side, in the pram with an eiderdown or a blanket, let him feel the weight of your hands while you rock him gently, this way he feels secure and swaddled. Place him on his back once he has fallen asleep and loosen the eiderdown in order that he does not get too warm. It is important for him that you find an agreeable sleeping position.

You may also try to settle him in his clothes, only with a blanet or an eiderdown. If needed, rock him gently while he is lying on the side, and help him to settle.

I hope this is helpful:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen