Eczema similar to Acne
18 mo.
Eczema similar to Acne
Hi Helen

My eighteen months old son happened to have an eczema similar to acne, with small spots similar to pimples in his forehead covering an area at the size of my palm, as well as in the hair line of the back of his head. Later he had the similar kind of spots in his loin, and with a temperature of 37.5C we called the emergency service and the doctor prescribed the use of antihistamine for a couple of days in case it was an allergic reaction.

Today, a few days afterwards, we have discovered a few new spots, one at a time, they still seem to be itching and the spots in his forehead have become dark red. He eats well and is playing and active as usual.

I am curious to know whether you have any knowledge of similar symptoms?

My son is hereditarily predisposed toward allergy from both parents, and we have previously experienced allergic reactions, however, not as pronounced as the actual case.

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Kristine

It is hard to say anything about a rash wihtout having examined the baby, but I think that your son may have an allergic reaction. He has maybe been in contact with fur-bearing animals, maybe you have introduced a few new food articles to him?

Be aware that some children develop an infection of the eczema which looks like acne. Should this be the case I recommend that you have your son examined by a dermatologist, and that he is treated with antibiotics.

Be sure to let his skin breathe and keep his skin clean. Use a mild fluent perfumefree soap in his bath and for his hair, and cut back on the use of greasy cream which makes it difficult for the skin to breathe.

Maybe you have use a new cream, a sunlotion or similar which might contain substances to which your son is allergic ...

I hope this is helpful and I hope your son gets better soon:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen