Reddish Rash
14 mo.
Reddish Rash
Hi Helen

I take this opportunity to thank you for all the useful replies you have sent me in the past.

Andreas has for quite some time had some red spots on his body, mostly in the back of his head as well as on his collar bone and some very small spots on his chest. In the daycare theuy were convinced that he had the chickenpox.

I am afraid that it has spread a little, with a white circle around the spots on his leg. We have not yet contacted our GP, as the rash does not seem to make Andreas uncomfortable in any way.

The spot appear and disappear during the day, and I wonder whether he is allergic to something. We do not smoke, but we have a dog which has not seemed to make him uncomfortable previously. We have recently introduced him to new food, such as eggs and raisin.

He has caught a cold, and he has also just started teething.

Best regards

Helen Hansen

Dear Sine

I recommend that you have Andreas examined by your GP, as the rash can be caused by several factors.

You inform that he has caught a cold - does he also run a fever? Maybe he has the children's disease three-day-fever, which is a virus that most children (six months to three years of age) will catch. Three-day-fever starts with a high temperature, up to 40C and lasting around three days. Once temperature has dropped, the child develops a rash, that typically spreads to the body and arms and legs, and in rare cases to the face.

The rash is usually small reddish spots perhaps with small heads and lasting 12-14 hours. The rash is usually not itchy, and the disease does not require any kind of medication.

I hope your son gets better soon:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen