Extremely Loose Stool
1 mo.
Extremely Loose Stool
Hi Helen

For the past week our daughter has been very restless in the evening, i.e. at 06.00-10.00pm she is crying and prefering to be held by me, breastfeeding. For the last two days I have offered her some water with sugar and camomile tea which has made her calm down.

She has now started to have extremely loose stools in the evening and at night. She cries and passes watery yellowish stools while lying on the changing table. Once I have changed the nappy she is happy again ...

Could it be the camomile tea or perhaps the vitamin D drops that make her stools loose?

Best regards Cille

Helen Hansen

Dear Cille

I do not think that your daughter's loose stools have nothing to do with the intake of camomile tea, should you give her less than 20 ml. Ohterwise, you should see to it to cut back on the camomile tea offering her the nourishing milk instead, as I know that she does not gain enough weight ...

Alternatively, you could offer her a little pure boiled water, and add some sugar, if needed. Mix 1 teaspoonful of sugar in 100 ml of water and do not give your daughter more than 20 ml, peferably only a couple of teaspoonfuls.

Whether your daughter reacts on the intake of vitamin D drops depends on the time of the day you give her the D drops, i.e. should she have the vitamin D drops during the day, she would not have an reaction in the evening/night.

You should also pay attention to your own food intake that might affect your daughter via the breastfeeding, i.e. spicy food, cabbage, raw onions, spinach, coffee or wine, too much chocolate etc. may cause loose stools for the baby.

I hope this is helpful:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen