Feedback on Weaning
9 mo.
Feedback on Weaning

A couple of weeks ago I asked you a question about weaning and the fulfilment of our son's physical needs for contact. Everything has run just smoothly! After almost 2 weeks he seldom shows signs of interest in breastfeeding. It is easy to distract him and he does not get angry or frustrated when he is not offered a breastfeed ...

During the day we toddle a lot, and I often read him a story, so he can sit on my lab. We have introduced a bedtime story in our night routine, which has had a good effect. To be thickled is the greatest, so is dancing.

For me it has been great to have my breasts for myself - now a little smaller ;-) - but that is how it is. In return I have a wonderful boy ...

He has also started to creep AND crawl (all just in one week!) - he lifts himself up, holding on to anything, and walks holding onto furniture, and the separation phase is no longer troublesome ...

All in all the weaning period has been very easy - so thank you very much for your excellent advice ...

Regards Patrick and Gitte

Helen Hansen

Dear little Patrick and Gitte

I am delighted to learn about your experience and I have of course chosen to publish your feedback for other mothers in the middle of the weaning phase to learn that physical intimacy can be fulfilled in many ways :o)

Thank you so much.

A big hug and good luck :o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen