Golden Skin Colour
7 mo.
Golden Skin Colour

My son at 7 months has a very yellow/golden skin colour. I have searched several websites for an answer, but I cannot find anything in writing. The first 4 days upon his birth he had a very mild jaundice, and he did not have any kind of treatment.

Subsequently, I have had many comments that he has a fine colour and whether he is exposed a lot to the sun (which he is not at all), and what a tan he has got ... Others think that he father is a little dark skinned, which is not the case. Both of us have bright hair and a very light skin colour.

It was not until I met with my mothers group that I realized that his skin colour is different, as he is not at all as light as is common for babies.

I have asked my GP to whom he seemed quite normal, and I would totally agree, had I not seen him together with other babies at his age.

I hope you can give me an answer.

Regards Tina

Helen Hansen

Dear Tina

The colour of the skin is most likely genetical, and if neither of your parents do not have a dark skin or glow, you should perhaps look at the grandparents - do they have darker skin, dark hair, dark eyes, do they easily get a tan when exposed to the sun ...

This is the best answer I can give you:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen