Cradle Cap
2 mo.
Cradle Cap
Dear Helen

In the treatment of cradle cap, can you recommend salicylic shampoo?

I have previously used oil which is very troublesome as my kids have always suffered from heavy cradle cap which always keeps coming back ...

Thank you in advance for your reply :-)

Best regards Rikke

Helen Hansen

Dear Rikke

Congratulations on your baby boy :o)

I am afraid that I have no experience with salicylic shampoo in the treatment of cradle cap. I would like to stress that you as a parent have to read the insert carefully whether the shampoo contains parabenes (preservatives) or perfume.

It can be quite a difficult work to look through the insert, but you should pay special attention to parabenes such as methyl parabenes, ethyl parabenes, propyl parabenes, isopropyl parabenes, sodium methyl parabanes, butyl parabenes and isobbutyl parabenes.

Furthermore, I suggest that you wash your children's scalp often and see to it to stimulate the blood supply if the scalp by massaging the scalp in circles, in order to keep down the craddle cap production.

I wish both of your children the best of luck.

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen