Blood Pressure Measurement
9 mo.
Blood Pressure Measurement
Hi Helen

I am afraid that I have another question ...

My daughter participates in an investigation re weaning to solids in a well-reputed institute. She had her first examination today, and had her blood pressure measured. The sphygmomanometer was at 180 mmHg, which seems rather high for a baby? She has many dark red, blue petechiae as large as pinheads on both forearms, as a blood test was taken from her other arm.

Is this normal when you make tests on babies? At first sight, I consider to withdraw her from the investigation, on the other hand, I find it a very good idea to make this kind of research ...

What is your opinion? Should I ask them not to test her blood nor her blood pressure?

Best regards
The mother of a pirate

Helen Hansen


I find it a little drastic if your daughter has trails of blood in the skin due to the blood pressure band, and that is of course not okay!

Naturally, it is entirely up to you whether you consider to withdraw your daughter from the investigation. At first sight, I think you should inform them about your experience and ask whether it is necessary to pump up the blood pressure band to the level indicated by you so that your baby gets trails of blood ... you should not have trails of blood when having your blood pressure measured, it is not normal - I guess it must have hurt?

I wish you the best of luck:o)

Kind regards,

Helen Hansen